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Our History

School History The Periodical infra structural development of the institutions was steady and progressive with the interring efforts of the public, managers, students-St. Josephs boarding was started. In 1965 L.P section was bifurcated and Rev. Sr. Alphonsa was the first headmistress of the L.P section.In1975 the Silver jubilee of the school was established. To mark this event an open air stage was constructed. in 1993,English medium parallel classes were started for the students & H.S section. An auditorium was constructed in the following year. In 1998 computer education was pervaded setting up five computers offered by Rev.sr. Valensia. In the year 2000 the school proudly established its Golden Jubilee and a spacious reading room was constructed to mark the occasion. In 2007, Edusat hall and state judo hostel was built. Thus the school which began in 1950 with 3 divisions and 99 students is having 27 divisions and 900 students.


The school is administrated by Navajyothi Province Olarikkara Thrissur of Holy Family congregation


As far as our school is concerned, the school owns all facilities that can be provided to the students. The school has a good lab for science and I.T with internet facility. There is a special room for Edusat room too to enhance all learning skills. There is an informative library also. The basket ball court and spacious auditorium add the glory of the school

Carricular Activities

Carricular activities like sports, arts, guiding are given due importance at this school. A period in a week is set apart for physical education. Literary Associations and sports day are the programmes which are given due importance. We have ensured our victory like kho-co, kabady, chess tournament ant athletics


Among the distinguished personalities of the institution include late Rev. Mother Ersala, who was honoured with state award and National award for the best teacher in 1969.


The school P.T.A is playing a vital role in the smooth functioning of this school. All our former P.T.A president and the members made their selfless service and good participation in the activities in our school. Sri. Jeffery Joseph is elected as the present P.T.A President of this school. Our president and the members are so dedicated in working for the well being of the school. The school is proud of a three storied building with spacious class rooms .The vast are in front of the school gives the provision to conduct the assembly and provide ample space to spent time during leisure . The school provides secondary education along with moral education, spoken English classes for the students from std V to std X. Life guidance and counselling classes are offered to students and parents. Different kinds of endovements have been organised to encouraged the students. The prayer meetings in the beginning of every month, holly mass in the first Fridays, catechism classes etc. provides a spiritual awakening in everyone’s mind.